Capacity building for Microfinance institutions, Savings and Credit Co-operatives

DS-Consult  (U)   Ltd   is   a   limited   liability  company  registered   in   Uganda  managed  b y professionals with vast experience and exposure in different professional fields. The company was registered in December 2003.

DS-Consult  (U)  Ltd  is  a  consultancy firm  that  deals  in  capacity building  for  Microfinance institutions, Savings and Credit Co-operatives, Area Co-operative Enterprises (ACEs), Rural Producer Organisations (RPOs)and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).    DS- Consult was established by a team of professionals with practical training and wide experience in Business Management,   Accounting   and   Financial   Management,   savings   and   loans   management, Information Technology, microfinance development and management among others.

We serve a broad range of clients including Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), Savings and Credit Co-operatives (SACCOs), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), private business companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations and charitable bodies.


Practical approach to Work

DS- Consult Limited is an experienced capacity building consultancy firm, which celebrates a rich hybrid skills mix and grounded practice in co-coordinating and conducting several multi- disciplinary projects, using a variet y of approaches. Our approach to work includes participatory consultative processes, consensus building, aiming at empowering the client to own results of the consulting process and to continue achieve peak results even when the consultant is off scene. We believe that the Ke y to good performance is the choice of good and appropriate methods on top of skills and how used to achieve lasting impacts or sustainable results.

Our firm brings together a hybrid of expertise in the areas of assignment and often associates with  other independent individual consultants  to  enhance competence and  performance. This method of work has enabled us to acquire an improvement management/ coordination experience with teams of professionals which has been a  big hall  mark for our successful record time accomplishment of our assignments.

Mission statement

To Conduct high quality consultanc y services and trainings in all aspects to various organizations and helping our clients excel through high quality, innovative solutions in business and related socio-economic sectors.


To become a modern consultancy firm that matches global standards.

Goals and Objectives

  • Offer consultancy, training and accountanc y services in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • Making DS-Consult a one-stop center for all your business solutions & consultanc y all over the country.
  • World-class client services through proper identification of client’s needs and immediate reaction to feedback.